Blood sugar

A nurse collects a blood sample from a patient using a glucometer at a free health clinic on November 1, 2009. (credit: NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

Newfound Hormone Holds Hope For Diabetes Treatment

Scientists have identified a hormone that can sharply boost the number of cells that make insulin in mice. They say the discovery may someday provide a new treatment for the most common type of diabetes.


(credit: Johnson & Johnson)

J&J Recalls All OneTouch Verio Blood Sugar Meters

Johnson & Johnson is recalling all its OneTouch VerioIQ blood glucose meters in the U.S. because they do not provide a warning when a diabetic’s blood sugar level is dangerously high. Instead, at a certain sugar level, the meters turn off.


A mans finger is pricked for a medical test. (credit: Getty Images/Rick Gershon)

Abbott Laboratories Recalls Diabetes Test Strips

Got diabetes? You should know that Abbott Laboratories has recalled up to 359 million blood glucose test strips because they can give faulty blood sugar readings.


diabetic exercise

Diabetics Shattering Myths About Exercise

Donna Doherty was running varsity track in high school when she was diagnosed with diabetes.