Expected Surplus Won't Lessen 2013 Texas Budget FightShortfall and sacrifice: that's how the Texas Legislature two years ago defended gutting $5.4 billion from public education, laying off thousands of public workers with slashed spending and stripping Medicaid to the bone.
Dallas City Manager Optimistic About Budget DeficitThe proposed City of Dallas budget still has a $25 million gap, but that's better than the situation a few months ago and better than the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shortfalls the city has dealt with in recent years.
Dallas Schools Facing $25 Million Budget Deficit Next YearThe Dallas School District is getting a dismal look at its financial future, and parents and teachers aren't happy.
ISDs Lining Up To Sue Over Education FundingMore Texas school districts are lining up to fight the state in court over the way public education is being paid for. Dealing with some $4 billion in cuts from public schools, nearly 150 school districts have signed up to sue the state.
Rep. Hensarling Named To GOP 'Super' Debt PanelC onservative North Texas republican congressman Jeb Hensarling has been chosen to co-chair a new committee tasked to find a bipartisan plan to slash the federal budget deficit.
Public Invited To Dallas Budget Town Hall MeetingsThe Dallas City Council got its first in-depth look at the proposed city budget on Monday. Now, the public is being encouraged to give their input.
Public Swimming Pools A Hot Topic For Fort Worth CouncilIf kids in Fort Worth want a way to beat the heat this summer, they'll have to do it in a private or YMCA swimming pool. For a second summer, the seven city-run pools remain closed due to budget constraints.
The Anchor Mom: Taxes and ConsequencesThe Keller Independent School District cuts free school busing to save tax dollars.
Poll: Education Most Important Issue Facing TexasAccording to poll results released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Texas Lyceum group. more than one-fifth of Texans say education is the most important issue facing the state.
Districts Warming Up To Idea Of School Bus AdsSome school districts met the idea of putting ads on local school buses with opposition. Now, as a number of North Texas districts fight budget shortfalls, schools are getting on board with the idea.
Education Protestors Happy State Is Set To Tap Rainy Day FundThere's been a compromise in Austin that may ease the financial strain for North Texas schools. It came as North Texas parents and students made the latest appeal, to use emergency funds, directly to the governor.
Dallas Teachers At Austin Educaton Cuts ProtestThousands of teachers are protesting at the state Capitol against proposed cuts to public education and that group includes a caravan of DISD teachers, administrators and community leaders.