Budget Deficit

A look at the downtown Dallas skyline. (credit: Matt Goodman/KTVT/KTXA)

Leaders Prepare For Dallas Budget Public Hearing

What is expected to be another long, public fight over next year’s budget in the City of Dallas is about to get underway. Dallas is holding a public hearing on its’ budget shortfall.


The Texas State Capitol building. (credit: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

Reduced Teacher Salaries & Furlough Days Debated In Austin

A Texas Senate Committee is hearing debate on a bill that would allow school districts to cut teachers pay and use furlough days as ways to trim budgets. The bill has the support of DISD Superintendent Michal Hinojosa.


Students work during a math class. (credit: JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Dallas Lincoln High Students Rally To Support Teachers

“Save our teachers! Save our teachers!” The chant echoed off the concrete parking lot of Lincoln High School.


The Texas State Capitol building. (credit: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas Senate Passes Resolution On Federal Budget

Facing a $15 billion budget shortfall in their own state, Texas senators approved a resolution Wednesday urging Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget.


Students interact with their teacher during class. (credit: John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images)

Some Schools Might Cut Pre-K Programs To Save Money

Some Texas school districts are talking about eliminating their pre-K programs as a way to help fix their huge budget gaps.