Suspect Hat 4

Police Hope Headwear Will Help Find Murder Suspect

Grand Prairie police need help tracking down a man who they believe shot two people in less than two weeks. One of those victims died from his injuries. Police are hanging their hat on some evidence found at the scene of one crime.


Eye on the Gulf: Live Coverage Coming From New Orleans (Audio)

On tonight’s show, I revealed we’ll be taking the Nightly News Roundup to New Orleans next week as the crisis in the gulf reaches Day 100.  CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca joined me to talk […]


BP Says Testing Process On Cap Should Begin 'Soon'

BP says it hopes to restart the testing process


BP Says Relief Well On Hold For Test Of New Cap

 BP says it halted drilling on a relief well meant to plug its Gulf of Mexico oil leak


BP: New Cap Installed, Further Tests Ahead

BP robots attached a new, tighter-fitting cap on top of the gushing Gulf of Mexico oil leak Monday


New Cap, Ships Could Contain Gulf Leak By Monday

The federal official leading the Gulf oil spill cleanup says a new containment cap and an additional ship collecting oil could effectively contain the spill as early as Monday.