NHL Lockout: Union Submits Another OfferThe NHL and NHLPA met twice on Wednesday as they continue negotiations toward a new CBA, with the union submitting another offer to the league.
NFLPA's Collusion Case Against NFL Denied By JudgeThe NFL Players Association's claim of collusion by league owners has been rejected by the federal judge who has previously sided with the players.
Ex-Players Reply To NFL's Motion To Dismiss Concussion CasesIn a brief filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, the players dispute the league's framing of the cases as a labor issue governed by collective bargaining agreements.
NHL Releases Details Of Latest Offer To NHLPAThe first document is the 10-point offer and the second includes a detailed explanation of the proposal. Both documents are published in full on the league's website.
NHL & NHLPA Set To Resume CBA TalksThe good news? The NHL and NHLPA are going to resume negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday and Thursday in New York. The bad news? They still aren't going to be discussing how to split the hockey-related revenue.
NHL & NHLPA Step Back From NegotiationsThe NHL and NHLPA wrapped up three straight days of negotiating Sunday and will now take a step back to have internal discussions concerning a new collective bargaining agreement.
Judge Considers NFLPA Collusion Lawsuit vs NFLThe union is seeking billions of dollars in damages. It claims the NFL set a secret salary cap during the uncapped 2010 season to hold down salaries.
NHL Breaks Off Talks After Union's Latest Offer NHL Players Association executive director Donald Fehr says labor negotiations have broken off with two weeks to go before the NHL has threatened to lockout its players.