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A Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus sits at a bus station in downtown Dallas. (credit: Dallas Area Rapid Transit)

DART Hosts Tweet Chat On Route Changes

DART officials say the reduction, elimination and creation of new routes isn’t being taken lightly and public input is important — so DART workers hosted a Tweet chat Tuesday afternoon.


(credit: Getty Images/Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

If You’re Happy And You Know It, Did You Tweet?

Twitter confirms it: People tend to wake up in a good mood and are happiest on weekends. The fast-paced forum is offering scientists a peek at real-time, presumably little-filtered human behavior and thoughts.


Two twin babies appear to be chatting in a recent viral video. (Credit: YouTube)

That Viral Video Of Infant Twins Talking? Doctor Says It’s Not Special

When a video of two twin infants who appeared to be communicating through blubbering baby-speak surfaced this week, it quickly racked up 2 million views and probably ate up that many minutes of productivity at workplaces.