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Christie Shrugs Off Boot From Debate's Main StageIn the middle of what had been shaping up to be among the best weeks of his campaign, the Republican governor of New Jersey was kicked to the "kiddie table" for Tuesday's GOP debate.
Low Polling Drags Christie & Huckabee To Undercard DebateTwo candidates who have been part of each of the Republican debates so far, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, have been demoted to next week's undercard event because of low national poll numbers.
Highlights From The GOP Debate In BoulderThe Republican presidential candidates are debating for the third time in the 2016 nomination contest.
GOP Governors Lag In Campaign DollarsThe sitting governors running for the Republican presidential nomination are finding their fundraising badly overmatched by their competitors.
2 Days, 3 Political Fundraisers In Dallas AreaDuring the next two days, the area will play host to political fundraisers for three candidates running to be President.
The Truth About Jerry Jones' Presidential SupportDallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will use his $17-million mansion in Highland Park to host a fundraiser for presidential candidate Chris Christie.
Christie Makes Pragmatic Pitch To VotersNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledged to be straight with voters. "If you like it, great," he said. "And if you don't, my goodness, there's 13 other candidates to pick from."
Christie Promises Blunt 2016 CampaignA tough-talking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched his 2016 campaign for president Tuesday with a promise to tell voters the truth even if it makes them cringe.
GOP Almost Set For '16, With Only 3 Governors RemainingWith Louisiana's Gov. Bobby Jindal formally launching his presidential bid on Wednesday, 13 high-profile Republicans have officially entered the campaign for the party's 2016 nomination.
Christie Bets White House Bid On Town HallsIf Chris Christie runs for president, there's little doubt people will see plenty of the town halls the New Jersey governor is known for. That anything-goes format is his comfort zone, and voters tend to like it.
GOP Blasts Clinton Over Voting RightsDuring a speech in Houston on Thursday, Hillary Clinton said that GOP governors are "systematically and deliberately" trying to prevent millions of Americans from voting.
GOP Candidates In Florida For Economic SummitSix Republican presidential candidates or potential candidates will speak at an economic summit organized by Florida Gov. Rick Scott.
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