Historic Integrated Circuit Up For AuctionAn integrated circuit that Texas Instruments' Jack Kilby used in 1958 to demonstrate his invention of the new technology is expected to sell for as much as $2 million at auction.
Van Cliburn Estate Items To Be AuctionedHundreds of items from the estate of pianist Van Cliburn, who died a year ago, are scheduled to go up for auction. It will be the second auction of items from the Cliburn collection.
First Apple Computer Sells At Auction For $387,750An original Apple computer from 1976 has sold at auction for nearly $388,000. Known as the Apple 1, it was one of the first Apple computers ever built.
Van Cliburn Items Fetch $4.3 Million At AuctionArt, jewelry and furnishings collected by the famed pianist Van Cliburn has fetched over $4.3 million at an auction in New York City. More than 150 items were on sale.
Pianist Van Cliburn Auctioning Personal ItemsLegendary classical pianist Van Cliburn is parting with more than 150 items that he has acquired over five decades performing around the globe.
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