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JAGGER & BARSKY: It's time to pay Josh Hamilton?

After winning the AL batting title and assisting the Rangers to their first playoff apperance in over a decade, should Nolan & Chuck cut to the chase and re-sign Josh Hamilton?


Chuck Greenberg on RAGE

Team owner Chuck Greenberg shows his Rangers red off with Richie & Greggo. Get your antlers up!


Texas Rangers' Championship Banners/Shirts? Meh.

I’m elated by the Rangers’ AL West crown. But I’m not thrilled by the T-shirt. Gray? Coulda swore the Rangers’ colors were red and blue and … Gray? Or is it charcoal? And speaking of […]


Chuck Greenberg checks in with Newy

Not only did Rangers legend Nolan Ryan check in today with Newy, but we also got a call from Chuck Greenberg – one of the nicest guys on the planet…and the best owner of the […]


Does Texas Rangers' Manager Ron Washington Get Enough Credit?

When they were first alerted to his unprecedented cocaine use just after the 2009 All-Star break, I thought Texas Rangers’ management should have fired manager Ron Washington on the spot. You know what? I still […]


David Johnson CEO Spotlight

Chuck Greenberg, soon-to-be CEO, The Texas Rangers talks about the difficulties in acquing the franchise, plans for raising the profile in the community and the business plan.