City Of Dallas


Suspect Drug House Razed As Part Of Operation Crackdown

Operation Crackdown was first launched in 1993 and so far almost 1,200 so-called drug houses and buildings have been demolished in 24 cities, including Dallas.


(credit: CBS 11 News)

Dallas Staff Says $16 Million Won’t Cover Needed Street Repairs

The City of Dallas is looking to increase the amount of money it spends on making repairs to streets and alleyways. But some question if the allotted funds will be enough.


Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant in Dallas (Jennifer Lindgren - CBS11)

Dallas Waste Water Treatment Plant Turning You-Know-What Into Electricity

The Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant receives and cleans about 50 million gallons of dirty water a day.



DLINK Popular With Tourists, Costly For Taxpayers

If you’re visiting Downtown Dallas, a daily 12-hour rotation of buses will “link” you to those locations, free of charge, six days a week.


(credit: Dallas Street Services Department)

Dallas Is Seeing Vibrant Red When It Comes To New Stops Signs

Street signs in some Dallas neighborhoods are starting to get bigger and shinier. The stops signs are redder and vibrant in color since the city started using newer, more reflective materials.


dallas_love_field via RNC 2016

City Of Dallas Drawn Into Gate Fight At Love Field, Files Lawsuit

The City of Dallas is squeezed between competing legal claims over gate use at Love Field, so the city is asking a Federal Court to decide the issue.


dallas_love_field via RNC 2016

City Of Dallas Files Lawsuit Over Love Field Gates

The City of Dallas filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday seeking a declaratory judgment to determine which gate slots at Love Field various airlines are entitled to use.


(credit: Jennifer Lindgren/CBSDFW.COM)

Dallas Anticipating More Flooding; Activating Emergency Ops Center Tuesday

Tropical Storm Bill could bring heavy rain to Texas and the greater Dallas area tomorrow evening through early Thursday morning.


Dallas sewer letter

Dallas Can’t Get Out Of Contract To Sell Logo

Dallas city leaders met behind closed doors Wednesday to reconsider an agreement that allows a Pennsylvania based company to pitch sewer line insurance—with a letter bearing the city’s logo.


Dallas sewer letter

Sewer Line Insurance Offer Promoted With City Of Dallas Logo

Dallas City Council will hold a special, closed-doors meeting on Wednesday to discuss a deal it approved to allow a sewer-line insurance company to use the city logo in advertisements.


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Water Damage At City Of Dallas Parks Not Covered By Insurance

Heavy rain and flooding in North Texas has caused serious damage to a number of parks in Dallas and officials with the City say the repairs aren’t covered by insurance.


Trinity River Wind Festival 2014
Courtesy: Lynne Haze

Flood Waters Already Impacting Weekend Events

One major event postponed, another one moved this weekend in Dallas.