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More Than 300 Birds Seized From Alleged Cock Fighting Operation

More than 300 roosters, hens, and chicks were brought to Dallas after a raid in Angelina Co. over cockfighting.

CBS 11–04/25/2015

Chickens sit in a barn at a poultry farm. (credit: Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

17 People Arrested In Cockfighting Bust

Sheriff’s deputies in Johnson County arrested 17 people late Saturday night for taking part in a cockfighting exhibition. A group of several other suspects fled from the scene.


A rooster crows while sitting in a tree. (credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas Homeowner Kills 2 Who Asked About Roosters

Investigators say a Texas homeowner has shot and killed two people who asked about buying roosters then drew guns on the resident.



Cockfight Busted In Dallas Saturday Night

An overnight cockfighting operation was broken up in East Dallas late Saturday, ending with 20 arrests and the discovery of multiple dead fighting roosters.


A parrot prepares to fly from it's nest. (credit: Deshakalyan Chowdhury/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas Man Caught Smuggling Birds In Pants

A Texas man caught trying to smuggle baby parrots back from Mexico by putting the birds in his pants has been fined more than $2,600.


Chickens sit in a barn at a poultry farm. (credit: Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

Police Shut Down Cockfight At Fort Worth Home

Police in Fort Worth shut down a cockfight at a residence early Sunday morning. Over a dozen people were cited and the homeower was arrested.


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Cedar Hill Police Bust Cockfight, Seize 500 Roosters

The SPCA is seizing 500 fighting roosters and hens from a Cedar Hill property today.


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State Legislation Aims To Shut Down Cockfighting

A new House bill goes after people who raise fighting roosters and the folks who attend those fights.