McDonald's Expands Worker Tuition Benefits, Citing Tax LawMcDonald's is expanding its education benefits program, tripling the amount of money some workers can get each year to help pay for college or trade school tuition.
Is College Worth It? Maybe Not According To Goldman SachsCBS Money Watch released a report from Goldman Sachs on if college is actually still worth the cost.
Bill Would Let Students Earn Tuition With Community ServiceSome good news for Texas families worried about paying for college. A bill filed in the state legislature would give high school students the opportunity to earn tuition credit for doing certain community service work.
Calculating The Real Student Cost For A College DegreeNorth Texan Joanne Pierre-Louie was thrilled to become the first in her family to graduate college. But, the American born daughter of immigrants was so focused on finishing -- that she neglected to calculate the real cost of a degree at the school of her dreams.
Perry Calls For 4-Year Tuition Freeze For FreshmenGovernor Rick Perry has formally pitched a four-year tuition freeze for incoming college freshmen and renewed his call for bachelor's degrees costing $10,000 or less, including books.
New "Shopping Sheet" Breaks Down College CostsTo help parents and students, starting next fall, the actual cost of college will be spelled out in a one-page summary. The financial information is called a “shopping sheet.”
More Students Taking On Burden Of College TuitionThe responsibility of paying for college is shifting; it's falling more now on students and their families, as state funding declines.
Colleges Making Student Costs Easier To Figure OutUniversities are now required to offer additional tools to help students and their families estimate the cost associated with an education.