'90s Commercial Spoofs 'The Facebook'What if Facebook existed in the 90s? It would have revolutionized the computer industry. This spoof commercial is set in 1995 and is shot like AOL commercials once were.
'Apparently' Kid Stars In First TV CommercialThe 'apparently' kid was a YouTube sensation with his first ever live television interview. And apparently, he's back with his first ever commercial.
Manziel Teaches Aerobics In Snickers CommercialJohnny Manziel is best known for his off-the-field antics as a rookie in the NFL. But did you know he can dance?
The GBag Nation Get's CommercializedYou probably caught a glimpse of it last night during the Cowboys game - check out the GBag Nation's television commercial here!
Arlington Poised For New Hotel And $24 Million LibraryArlington is poised for two major developments and an image make-over with a new logo and marketing plan.
A Completely Generic AdvertisementDoes every advertisement seem the same to you? This video captures every cliché and popular tactic and combines them into one very generic commercial.
Dallas 8th Grader Wins National Anti-Bullying Commercial ContestWhat started out as a school assignment in her 8th grade film class has now been viewed on YouTube more than 37,000 times. Bush choose a topic for her video that's personal - one that affects her and all her friends. She picked bullying.
RadioShack Seeks Change, Starts With Laughable Super Bowl AdFort Worth-based RadioShack embraces a Super Bowl spot that’s being called a launching pad for rebuilding the struggling brand.