Study: Birth Control Pills Slightly Raise Risk Of Breast CancerModern birth control pills that are lower in estrogen have fewer side effects than past oral contraceptives. But a new study suggests that, like older pills, they still modestly raise the risk of breast cancer.
Supreme Court: Can't Make Employers Cover Contraception The Supreme Court says corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women.
Some New Health Care Law Benefits Not Yet Available To Uninsured WomenThe Affordable Healthcare Act could help Deloris Whittie pay for gas by cutting out her cost for contraceptives. Most women pay an average of $600 a year for contraception. Whittie isn't all that happy about it because it only helps women who have health insurance.
Morning-After Pill Stays Behind Counter After AllThe Obama administration's top health official stopped plans Wednesday to let the Plan B morning-after pill move onto drugstore shelves next to the condoms. Overruling scientists decided young girls shouldn't be able to buy the pill on their own.