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Texas Won’t See 17yr Old Criminals As Adults–For Now

The push to lower the age a criminal can be considered an adult in Texas was squelched today. Sen. John Whitmire (D) dropped from an amendment that would modify laws classifying 17-year-olds charged with crimes as adults.


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Criminal Justice Jobs Are Growing In North Texas

As criminals get smarter, those that work in criminal justice and law enforcement get wiser. The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth from 2012-2022 is projected at 11 percent.



North Texas Sheriff Indicted On Homework Scandal

Sheriff Michael Cox of Hill County has been indicted after allegations arose that he was directing an employee to complete his homework for a college criminal justice class.


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Careers In Criminal Justice Show Growth In North Texas

As more people move to the North Texas region, the need for law enforcement police officers, probation officers, correctional treatment specialists and juvenile supervision officers and counseling case workers will continue to grow.


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Texas State Guard Saves Lives During Search for Human Remains

A special state search team, trained in rescue and recovery operations and ordered by Gov. Rick Perry to assist Brooks County with locating human remains of suspected illegal immigrants, is also saving lives during its mission.


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Introductory Course Into Criminal Justice Sparked Dallas Probation Officer’s Career

Fueled by the excitement of the field and a drive to make people feel safer, Amanda Edirimanasinghe continues to learn more in the criminal justice field.


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Dallas Doctor Of Criminology Followed The Education Clues To A Rewarding Career

The forecast is sunny for those interested in criminal justice in the DFW area. “The Dallas Police Department is looking to hire 250 officers and Lubbock is looking to hire 70 officers,” said Johnny Nhan.


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Dallas Asst. U.S. Attorney Credits Higher Education With Being Able To Help The Public

Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, Taly Haffar’s says, “Without having gone to college and law school, I would not have a job that I absolutely love.”


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Veteran NYPD Officer Uncovers Education Clues To Dallas Careers

An officer with a nose for education shares his experience in detecting job opportunities.


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Veteran Dallas Attorney Sets The Record Straight For Success In The Criminal Justice System

For some prosecutors, career advancement can depend on volunteering for the cases that others turn down.


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Texas Won’t Switch Execution Drug

The nation’s most active death penalty state will continue to use the same execution drug but won’t say how it will replace its supply that expires this month, Texas prison officials said Thursday.


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Texas Prison System Pays $750K To Cool Down Pig Barns

The Texas prison system is paying $750,000 for climate-controlled barns for use in its pig farming program.