Dallas County Constables

Jaime Cortes, former Precinct 5 Dallas County Constable.

Mistrial Declared In Cortes Tampering Case

A mistrial has been declared in the case of a former Dallas County constable accused of tampering with a government document.


Naim Rasool Muhammad was captured by police in Dallas after allegedly killing his two children. (credit: Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

Dallas Sheriff Investigating Constable’s Office In Drowning Deaths

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department will investigate a Deputy Constable accused of failing to help stop a father who police say killed his two children.


Dallas County Constable

Association Prez: Dallas Constables Told To Turn Away From Crime

The fallout and finger pointing continues after mother of two boys, later found murdered, flagged down a Dallas County Constable for help after their father took them by force, but the officer declined to chase the suspect.


Elijah & Naim Mohammed

Boss: Constable Did Job Before 2 Boys Found Dead

A constable says his deputy did what she was trained to do by summoning Dallas police and not chasing a car that a frantic woman claimed was carrying her two sons.


Dallas County Constable

Constable: Accusations Against Deputies ‘Inconclusive’

Bucking a trend among other Dallas County Constables, Precinct Five’s Beth Villarreal says accusations against two unnamed deputies are “inconclusive.”


Dallas County Constable

Deputies Fire Back On Dallas Constable Investigation

Last Friday, nearly two dozen deputy Dallas County constables were placed on administrative leave for allegedly falsifying documentation on warrants and eviction notices. Now some of the officers’ supervisors are firing back, saying the deputies are being forced to sign confessions without proof.


A man looks over his belongings after his family is evicted from their home. (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Dallas Co. Constables Accused Of Not Giving Eviction Warnings

Dozens of Dallas County Constable Deputies are accused of not serving papers when they said they did and lying to judges about it.