Dallas Theological Seminary

(Credit: Dallas Theological Seminary)

Dallas Seminary Has Worldwide Influence

Since 1924, Dallas Theological Seminary has been training and educating students, equipping them to spread God’s word across the world.


A cross is iluminated. (credit: Getty Images/Johannes Simon)

Is God Our Economic Co-Pilot?

According to a Baylor University survey, one in five Americans surveyed believe God is actively involved in our economy and that his principles favor conservative economics and a free market.


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Supposed Judgment Day Comes And Goes Without Incident

Dark clouds hung in the sky and doomsday warnings spread like wildfire leading up to this supposed judgment weekend. But when the clock finally struck 6 p.m., this May 21, 2011, North Texas seemed, well, the same as usual, actually.


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How Should Religious Groups Use Social Media?

Many religious groups are using social media to help spread their beliefs in cyberspace.

TXA 21–03/02/2011