Deanna Cook

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High Profile Murder Case Delayed

The murder case for the man accused of drowning his ex-wife has been delayed until February.

CBS 11–12/02/2013

(credit: Cook family)

Family Frustrated By Delays In High-Profile Murder Trial

A high profile murder case, that led to sweeping changes for the Dallas 911 system, may be pushed back – and the victim’s family is not happy about it.

CBS 11–11/26/2013

(credit: Cook family)

Defense Seeks Delay In Dallas Murder Trial

Prosecutors have called it one of the most gruesome domestic violence cases they have worked in years, but the Deanna Cook murder trial could soon be delayed.


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Fired Dallas 911 Operator Loses Appeal To Regain Job

The 911 operator who was fired last year after a Dallas woman was murdered is now fighting to get her job back. The termination came after the death of Deanna Cook.


A close-up image from the office of attorney Pete Schulte, whose outer window was shattered by a bullet Friday afternoon.

Problems Persist At Dallas 911 Call Center

There are more questions about the Dallas 911 system, after it took police more than an hour to respond to bullets fired through the window of an office building off Central Expressway.

CBS 11–12/03/2012

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911 Operator Resigns Months After Botched Call

A Dallas 9-1-1 operator who mishandled a call from a dying woman has resigned.

CBS 11–11/27/2012

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Dallas Police Hiring More 911 Call Takers

The Dallas Police Department is now hiring. Beginning on Friday, the department will start testing applicants who are interested in becoming 911 call takers.


(credit: CBS 11 News)

Dallas Police Officers Moved Into 911 Center

Twenty-five newly promoted Dallas Police officers are moving off the streets and into the city’s 911 call center.

CBS 11–10/02/2012

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Death Prompts Overhaul In Dallas 911 Call Center

Deanna Cook’s death gained national attention and sparked heavy scrutiny on a call center enduring incidents in which residents said that emergencies were mishandled or put on hold.


(credit: Cook family)

More Dallas 911 Employees Disciplined

Two more 911 employees have been punished in connection with the emergency call placed by Deanna Cook on August 17.


(credit: Cook family)

Dallas Police Investigate Deanna Cook’s 911 Call

Police in Dallas launched an internal investigation almost immediately after the death of Deanna Cook, who was found dead in her home two days after she called 911 for help.

CBS 11–09/20/2012

(credit: CBS 11 News)

Family Files Lawsuit Against City, Dallas Police

The family of a woman murdered, after calling 911, has sued the city of Dallas and the police department.