Deer Crashes Through Car Windshield In PlanoThe driver wasn't hurt but his car had to be towed and sadly, the deer didn't make it.
Word Spread About Mysterious Creature Roaming Denton NeighborhoodWord is spreading around Denton about a mysterious creature wandering one of its neighborhoods. It's a ghostly looking, four-legged animal and now one man has captured pictures and figured out what it is.
Texas Asks Hunters To Help Save Deer PopulationDeer hunters in Texas are being asked to bring in the heads of their kill to help scientists track a fatal disease.
Deer Population Growing In Parts Of South TexasAuthorities are warning residents and tourists to be careful when they are around deer during the rutting season, when the deer become more aggressive.
Texas Food Bank Network Hunting Program OnlineTexas hunters have a chance to help people who need food.
Texas National Guard Denies U.S. Military Benefits For Gay CouplesThe Texas National Guard refused to enroll a woman involved in a same sex relationship into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.
Ted Nugent Addresses State House CommitteeTed Nugent is best known as the guitarist behind hits like "Cat Scratch Fever," but he is challenging proposed legislation that would change how breeders handle white-tailed deer.
Rabid Deer Found On Parker County Golf CourseThe Parker County Sheriff’s Office says a rabid deer was found last week at a golf course in southwestern Parker County.
Kimberly Smith Extradition Held Up By DeerA Fort Worth woman's extradition from New Mexico has hit a snag.
Wildlife Commission Considering Whitetail Deer BowhuntingThe Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission is talking about a proposal to allow whitetail deer bowhunting in three North Texas counties.
Texas Deer Breeder Guilty Of Illegal TransportAn East Texas man running a deer-breeding facility has pleaded guilty to federal wildlife charges over his acquisition of some animals.
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