The 'Degenerate' Picks The NFL, NCAA Weekend GamesDegenerate picks for the week. I’ve had a lot of luck on teasers of late so we stick with it this week. I don’t like the ATS lines in the NFL, but I do like the ATS lines in college.
The 'Degenerate' Picks The Pro, College Weekend Games3-1 ATS last week. Lost both teasers if you went that route, however...check out this weeks picks from the Degenerate
Another Round Of Football Picks From The 'Degenerate'It's time to get the ball rolling. I’ll do it a little differently this week. I’ll throw a Confidence Meter in. 1 being lowest, 10 being highest. Bet accordingly.
The Degenerate Picks: Week 13Degenerate Picks for the week. 3-3-1 last week. Here we go.
The Degenerate Picks: Week 9Another winning week for the Degenerate, 6-3 overall! Thank me later. I am betting the Cowboys game, but probably not as you'd expect.
The Degenerate Picks: Week 8Rough week last week. Lots of NFL upsets, which threw off the curve. I like the way this week looks a lot better. Some guarantees in here. Enjoy!
The Degenerate Picks: Week 7After 12-4-1 over a 2 week stretch, it was a 3-4 work week for the Degenerate. I owe you.
The Degenerate Picks: Week 66-2-1 last week. 12-4-1 last 2 weeks. ROLLIN!!
The Degenerate Picks: Week 52-4 last week. I know! But 15-13 overall for the year, so lets get to it.
Degenerate NFL, Bowl Game PicksIt's BCS time for the NCAA, but the NFL is just heating up!
NFL & NCAA Weekend Picks From The DegenerateComing off a 5-4 week, got you pretty much a draw for the week, so I aim to do better this time. 58-38-2 for the year.
The Degenerate Makes His PicksA monster 6-2 work week last week for the Degenerate, making my overall record 53-34-2 for the year. Christmas Cards accepted.