Denton County Health Department

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First Case Of Enterovirus D68 Reported In Denton County

Denton County has recorded its first case of enterovirus D68 according to the Denton County Health Department.


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Flower Mound Confirms First Case of West Nile Virus

The Denton County Health Department epidemiologist has confirmed a Flower Mound resident has been positively diagnosed with West Nile virus.


A lab assistant drops mosquitoes into test tubes to prepare them for West Nile Virus testing. (credit: im Boyle/Getty Images)

Denton Co. Trapping Mosqutioes For West Nile Testing

Health officials in Denton County are gearing up for West Nile Virus season and are taking steps to try and find pockets of infestation. For now, testing is being done in unincorporated areas of the county.



Denton County Reports First West Nile Death

Denton County on Tuesday reported its first death this year associated with the West Nile virus. The patient was a Denton resident in his 90s who had an underlying health condition.



Denton County Prepares For Peak Of West Nile Season

As it stands, the West Nile Virus has infected nearly 150 people across the metroplex. And of all the North Texas counties Denton was the first to report a human case of the West Nile virus.



City Of Denton Bumps Mosquito Plan Up To Risk Level 5

Of all the North Texas counties Denton was the first to report a human case of the West Nile virus. Now officials in the City of Denton are kicking up the war on mosquitoes.


Blood samples are seen in a hospital testing for tuberculosis. (credit: RODGER BOSCH/AFP/Getty Images)

Tuberculosis Testing Begins Soon For Denton High Students

The director of the Denton County Health Department says a Denton High School student probably has an active, contagious case of tuberculosis.


A doctor examines the x-rays of a tuberculosis (TB) patient. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Denton Transfer Student From Ennis Tests Positive For TB After Hospitalization

A Denton High School student who recently moved from Ennis has been hospitalized following complications that could be connected to Tuberculosis.