'Alexa' mannequin which bleeds when shot. (credit: Zombie Industries)

NRA Vendor Sells “Bleeding” Female Mannequin Target In Texas

A company is selling a female zombie doll that bleeds fake blood when shot. The ‘Alexa’ doll is reportedly one in a range of life-size zombie mannequins sold by Zombie Industries, which displayed its products at last weekend’s NRA convention in Houston.



Viral Video: Drive-Thru Scary Doll Driver

How do employees at fast food restaurants react when Chucky the doll pulls up to the window? This viral video finds out.



Website Selling Rick Perry “Action Figures”

The Rick Perry action figure went on sale Thursday morning. The website owner said while he can’t predict how well the doll will sell he thinks most of the sales will come from people who aren’t fans of the governor.


(credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Realistic Doll Making Waves At University Park Pool

Usually, the biggest concerns at a public swimming pool are children rough-housing, bathing suits that are too revealing or making sure swimmers don’t run along the sides.


Photo of breastfeeding doll by the European company Berjuan. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Some Parents Upset Over Breastfeeding Doll

There are already dolls that eat, sleep, and need their diapers changed. But now there’s a doll, that some adults say, goes too far. Many baby dolls come with a bottle, but this one breastfeeds.