A photo of a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Fake Cash Costing North Texas Storeowners

For many of us it seems like money just passes through our hands. But, have you ever stopped to actually study those Jacksons, Grants or Ben Franklins?


(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Don’t Throw It Out – Mutilated Cash Still Has Value

It happens all the time — a $5 bill ends up in the wash, or the cash is so mangled it won’t go into the vending machine. But those bills are still worth the paper they’re printed on — if you know what to do.


American dollar bills. (Credit: Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

BPA: Are Your Dollar Bills Contaminated?

If dealing with money causes you stress, a new study isn’t going to make shopping any easier. Potentially toxic BPA – a.k.a, bisphenol A – has been found on dollar bills in a recent investigation.


State Will Fight for Fed Ed Dollars

An amendment on a bill that has passed the US Senate could cost Texas almost one billion dollars in federal education dollars.