DFW Doctor Talks Allergies, Sugar, SmokingDr. Crystal Foster talks about how to know when allergies become something worse, new guidelines for sugar intake, and the dangers of smoking around children.
Flu & Exercise Top Health HeadlinesDr. Crystal Foster talks about this week's top medical headlines, including the flu's grip on North Texas and a recent study about teenagers not getting enough exercise.
DFW Doctor Talks Flu & Bacteria StudyDr. Crystal Foster looks ahead at the upcoming flu season, and discusses a study about how the bacteria inside of humans could impact a person's weight.
DFW Doctor Talks Bullying, Infections, AllergiesDr. Crystal Foster talks about the physical effects of bullying, infections that are resistant to antibiotics, and ways to prevent fall allergies.
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DFW Doctor On Induction & Autism, Sleep & DietDr. Crystal Foster is back with a look at the latest health headlines, including a possible link between induction and autism, and how food can help or hurt your nightly sleep.
DFW Doctor Explains 'Morning After Pill' ChangesThe so-called 'morning after pill' will be made available over the counter to customers 15 years old or older. Dr. Crystal Foster explains the motivation (and possible pitfalls) behind these changes.
DFW Doctor Explains Brain MappingScientists are ready to take on the challenge of mapping the human brain. Dr. Crystal Foster explains how the research could help things like PTSD and Alzheimer's disease.