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Texas To End Inspection Stickers On Windshields

Starting next year, Texas will no longer require auto inspection stickers.


A voter cast her ballot. (credit: Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Elections Office Sends Out Notice Of ‘Similar Name’ Problems

What’s in a name? If you’re registered to vote in Texas, there may be a problem in the details. Some North Texans were surprised when they received letters outlining problems with their names.


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DPS Opens New Driver License Mega Center In Fort Worth

The wait for a new driver’s license is getting a bit shorter across North Texas. On Tuesday the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) opened a new driver license mega center in Fort Worth.


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Driver License Mega Centers To Open In Dallas

The Texas Department of Public Safety opened a new Driver License Mega Center in Pflugerville on Tuesday. Two similar locations are expected to open in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by the end of January 2013.


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License Laws For Older Drivers Vary From State To State

A recent review found older drivers face a hodgepodge of state licensing rules that reflect scientific uncertainty and public angst over a growing question: How can we tell if it’s time to give up the keys?


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New Requirements For Texas Driver License Applicants

A Texas driver license can now only be obtained if the person applying can show proof of residency.


Plan to Post Driver License Pics on Wanted Site on Hold

Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell pushed for the idea in order to collect fines. 


Driver License Website Upgraded

The website to renew your driver license gets an upgrade.