A road sign warns drowsy drivers to take a break on long stretches. (credit: Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images)

CDC: 1 In 24 Admit Nodding Off While Driving

This could give you nightmares: 1 in 24 U.S. adults say they recently fell asleep while driving. And health officials behind the study think the number is probably higher.


Texas drivers use the shoulder of an Interstate during a traffic jam. (credit: Lawrence Jenkins/Getty Images)

Whitney Drolen Learns Safe Driving Skills

Education is the most important way of helping teens — or anyone, really — become safe drivers. CBS 11 News traffic reporter Whitney Drolen learned some safe driving tips from the experts.


(credit: Oslan Rahman/AFP/GettyImages)

Woman Barely Survives Texting & Driving Accident

Jamie Nash doesn’t remember the text, but her terror was caught on tape when she crashed her car near Ennis two years ago.

CBS 11–09/19/2012

(credit: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images)

License Laws For Older Drivers Vary From State To State

A recent review found older drivers face a hodgepodge of state licensing rules that reflect scientific uncertainty and public angst over a growing question: How can we tell if it’s time to give up the keys?


An 18-wheeler carrying a load of galvanized steel caught on fire on Loop 820 Saturday.

18-Wheeler Catches On Fire

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) – An 18-wheeler carrying a load of steel caught on fire in the 1100 block of Loop 820 southbound on Saturday. The fire was put out and authorities closed the Loop 820 eastbound […]


Smart Meter Movement Stirs Debate

A nationwide effort to upgrade residential electric systems has run into growing resistance in Texas.


(credit: High Gear Media)

TxDOT Pushes ‘Drive Friendly, Drive Safe’

With its new campaign, TxDOT is updating its longstanding motto ‘Drive Friendly’ to remind drivers that driving friendly is all about driving safely on the roads as well.


A person fans out $20 bills. (credit: Getty Images/Jay Directo/AFP)

TxDOT Executive Salaries Up 42.5 Percent

The salaries of top executives at the Texas Department of Transportation have spiked more than 40 percent in the past year amid deep cutbacks elsewhere in state government.


A woman talks on a cell phone as she drives. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Insurance Devices Can Track More Than Your Driving

You may have seen the ads showing a plug-in device that auto insurers promise will help lower rates for good drivers. While the devices keep track of your good driving habits, they may also show the bad.


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TxDot Launches Online ‘Road-Trip’ Map

Headed out for that Summer road trip? TxDot has an interactive online map of the state that shows areas where road work could be a problem.


(credit: Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images)

Two Dead After Two Vehicle Accidents In Fort Worth

Two people are dead and a third is in the hospital after two vehicle accidents early Sunday morning.


(credit: High Gear Media)

Save On Car Insurance Without Sacrificing Protection

Spending just a few hours in front of your computer could save you some serious money on your car insurance bill.