Earth Sciences

What lies in this backpack will bring HD quality video without a live truck, offering viewers a better experience in the years to come.

Winter Weather Special: Mobile 11 To Keep Viewers Ahead Of The Storm

CBS 11 is deploying new technology in 2012 to keep you ahead of the storm. It’s called Mobile 11.


Earthquake Map

Recent U.S. Quakes Renew Concerns Locally

Glen Mattioli is a University of Texas at Arlington Geology Professor. He says given his chosen profession, people ask him all the time if a big quake could shake North Texas. Especially on days like Tuesday.



Forney Mom Hit By Lightning Knows When Storms Are Coming

A Forney mother struck by lightening two years ago says she still hasn’t completely recovered from it.


CBS 11 Storm Team

Flash Flooding A Severe Weather Danger In North Texas

It was a storm that even long-time North Texans have rarely witnessed. The remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine moved from the Texas coast into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Arlington received the brunt of the storm. As much as 10 inches of rain fell on September 8th of last year.


Paleontologists uncover whale fossil, Prima Deshecha Landfill site, San Juan Capistrano, California. (Credit: AP Graphics Bank)

2 North Texas Boys Stumble Upon ‘Fossil Gold Mine’

Two sixth-grade boys playing in a North Texas creek found what one paleontologist calls a “fossil gold mine.”