Plano Uses Mosquitofish To Minimize West Nile VirusPlano released thousands of "mosquitofish" at the Plano Parkway Service Center and Pecan Hollow Golf Course Tuesday in an effort to reduce mosquitos.
Beetles Freed In North Texas Ecosystem To Battle WeedA South American plant found growing in the Dallas Floodway Extension could pose some serious problems. The plant has no local predators and that means it threatens to take over the entire ecosystem
Texas Drought Will Harm Wildlife For YearsAs the state struggles with the worst drought in history, entire ecosystems, from small insects to large predators, are struggling for survival.
Some Worried Grapevine Expansion Will Hurt EcosystemThe city of Grapevine has big plans to improve some of it's largest parks. The city council approved a motion Tuesday night to develop a master plan for Meadowmere and two other area parks.