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ernie brown

Marijuana may not be gateway drug

L.A. Times article  reports that marijuana is thought by some to be a gateway drug among young people who eventually go on to try stronger substances. But that may be the exception rather than the […]


City of Ferris To Demolish Woman's Home

Today on Monday’s show, Ernie spoke with CBS 11’s Arezow Doost on her report about 71-year-old Jackie Kimbrell of Ferris, TX and how the city has plans to demolish her home.


Sneak Peak at some new Sneaks

For all those with a colorful foot fetish, this summer and winter has what you’ve been waiting for.


Ernie Brown's Final Word for 08-18-10

The McKinney shooting leaves many questions-


Ernie Brown’s Final Word for 08-17-10

Lewisville schools will no longer drug test their students-


We Pay Them to Be Rude to Us by Peggy Noonan

With the story of  JetBlue’s Steven Slater taking storm and peaking such high interest, Peggy Noonan gives her opinion and writes about the shift in customer service. Click Here to read her article.


Ernie Brown's Final Word for 08-06-10

Sometimes it seems all your friends have a more exciting life than you do-


Bill Marceaux for TN Governor Campaign Ad

The official campaign ad for future hopefull TN governor, Bill Marceaux.


Ernie Brown's Final Word for 08-04-10

Our dependency on wireless technology may have a price-


Ernie Brown's Final Word for 08-03-10

MONEY is the name of the game in today’s Final Word-


Ernie Brown's Final Word for 08-02-10

An unfortunate circumstance gives Ernie the chance to reflect on family-


Ernie Brown's Final Word 07-28-10

Email!   He gets email—