Dozens Of Dog Food Brands Recalled After Euthanasia Drug FoundA massive recall has been issued by multiple companies after an investigation revealed an ingredient that is a common euthanasia drug given to pets when they are put down.
Carrollton Man Fights To Keep His Dogs After Rabies ExposureA North Texas man is fighting to keep his dogs. His battle isn’t because his pets are violent, but because they were exposed to a rabid skunk in their own back yard.
North Texas Animal Shelter Celebrates Adoption MilestoneThe Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter is celebrating a major milestone: passing the 90-percent mark in live releases for a calendar month.
Texas Court Asks: Is Man's Best Friend Priceless? They say all dogs go to heaven. But if they get there before their time, should someone pay up?
Animal Adoptions Don't Quell Tragic, Reoccurring Decision In Fort WorthFacing a desperate life or death decision, Fort Worth code compliance officials had to find homes for six dozen sheltered animals or kill them Wednesday night. They saved them. But after a brief reprieve, they returned Thursday to a broken record
Fort Worth Code Enforcement Agonizes Over Animal EuthanasiaIn a quiet city office Wednesday morning, Fort Worth's code enforcement managers agonized over a life or death decision.
Residents Adopt In Droves, Saves Fort Worth Animals From EuthanasiaIn the past two weeks, Fort Worth Animal Control workers saw two things they'd never seen before: A huge surge in the number of animals at the shelter that pushed them far past their capacity and a swell in adoptions to prevent the animals' euthanasia.
Relative: Child Dog Mauling Victim Had Ear ReattachedCBS 11 News has learned the child that was attacked and mauled by four dogs in Lake Worth on Monday had to undergo surgery to reattach an ear. Meanwhile, the injured child’s grandmother was arrested -- but not on charges related to the dog attack.
New Way To Help Cope With The Death Of A PetMany of us have a special bond with our pets and can't imagine life without them. But, experts say there are ways to prepare you for that loss when it does happen.