Fair Worker Hurt After Fall While Trying To Fix Ferris WheelA fair worker who was trying to fix a broken Ferris wheel in North Carolina fell from the ride and suffered minor injuries.
Texan Cited In Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Sex Case SlainHouston police say two men are charged with killing a Texan who recently was cited for having sex on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas
Poll: What Might Make Fair Park More Fun?More than a National Historic Landmark, Fair Park is close to 300 acres of educational and recreational space for visitors from all over the world.
Alternate Location Sought For Dallas “Observation” WheelThe company hoping to build a Ferris wheel-type attraction in Dallas has decided to “reassess” their proposal.
Dallas Commissioners Set To Vote On "Observation" WheelDallas County commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether or not to build a massive “observation” wheel that's expected to be a lot like others already in Europe.
Downtown Dallas Ferris Wheel Idea Runs Into OppositionThe proposed site currently has a memorial for fallen sheriff's deputies.
Another Ferris Wheel Could Come To Dallas In 2012Downtown Dallas could soon have a brand new attraction around the JFK Memorial and Dealey Plaza -- a 17-story Ferris Wheel.