Financial Services

CBS 11 Photojournalist Vince Bosquez was given a tour of damage in Lancaster the day after a tornado ripped through the city.

Adjusters: Insurance Companies Preventing Policy Payouts

Tuesday’s tornadoes steered clear of Kirk Dinkins’ home in Ridglea, but he can relate to the battle some homeowners may now weather with insurance companies. “When they get their insurance claim, they shouldn’t accept it.”


Dallas County Judges Debate Failed Health Insurance Plan

Two Dallas County judges engaged in a terse exchange during Tuesday’s meeting while discussing a well-intentioned health insurance plan for the underemployed that never caught on.


A person fans out $20 bills. (credit: Getty Images/Jay Directo/AFP)

Dallas Churchgoers Protest Payday Loans

Dozens of churchgoers walked the streets of Dallas on Saturday, protesting loan businesses.

CBS 11–11/20/2010

House In Suburbia

Man Petitioning Against Homeowner Association In Sachse

Luis Sanchez said the Quail Hollow Homeowner Association in Sachse is making his family miserable, adding that he’s “basically in a desperation mode right now.”

CBS 11–11/15/2010