Government Reviewing Four Loko Malt Liquor Complaints A carbonated brew guzzled on college campuses is the focus of an intense write-in campaign urging federal regulators to take some buzz out of a sweet alcoholic drink sometimes referred to as "blackout in a can."
TABC Approves Reworked Version Of Energy DrinkThe Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission approved reworked versions of the flavored malt beverage Four Loko, minus the caffeine.
Clerk Charged With Selling Four Loko To MinorsThe fallout continues following a weekend crash that ended with the death of 14-year-old Valeria Rodriquez. An Arlington store clerk has been arrested
Arlington Store Clerk Accused Of Selling Alcohol To MinorA store clerk has been released from jail after being accused of selling alcohol to a minor.
Makers Pulling Caffeine From Four LokoThe makers of the caffeinated alcoholic drink Four Loko said they will remove caffeine from the product.
Feds Expected To Ban Alcoholic Energy DrinksThe FDA is expected to find that caffeine is an unsafe food additive to alcoholic drinks and manufacturers will then be warned that marketing caffeinated alcoholic beverages could be illegal.
Family Holds Vigil For 14-Year-Old Killed In DUI CrashThey were three Arlington teenagers: Two were 14, the other was 16. None had driver’s licenses, and were years away from being old enough to drink. But they did both those things Sunday and, tragically, 14-year-old Valeria Rodriguez died. On Monday, however, her family said they aren’t blaming anyone for her death. They’re only remembering her life with a vigil, held outside the family’s Arlington home.
Student: Popular Drink Going Too FarGabe Sierra thinks of himself as your typical college student. Sierra, 19, admits he’s experimented with alcohol, but even he says a popular drink is going too far. He’s talking about Four Loko, dubbed “Blackout in a can.”