Guadalupe River


Judge Strikes Down ‘Can Ban’ Along Hill Country Rivers

A judge has struck down an ordinance the Hill Country city of New Braunfels adopted that banned disposable food and beverage containers.


Judge: New Braunfels Can Be Sued Over Can Ban

A judge has ruled that tourism businesses and others can sue a Texas city over its ban of ban beer cans and other disposable containers on the Guadalupe and Comal rivers.



‘Beer Can Ban’ Slowing Guadalupe River Tubing Tourism

A single city ordinance on the popular Guadalupe River is stirring frustration and confusion. So, just to clear things up: Boozing while tubing is still legal. It’s a new ban on disposable beer containers that has many confused.


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New Braunfels Fighting Over Beer Can Ban On Rivers

The question for voters is simple: ban the can, or can the ban?


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New Braunfels Residents To Vote On River Can Ban

Residents in New Braunfels will vote Tuesday on whether they want to ban disposable containers on their rivers, a proposal that has divided a town whose economy relies heavily on tourism.


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Texas Drought Leads To Tubing Challenges

A lack of rain has left some Texas rivers lower than usual and made floating along on inner tubes a challenge.