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5 Unexpected Uses For TeaTea can be useful for much more than filling up your cup. Check out these five unusual uses for tea that might make you reconsider throwing that teabag away.
How Real Women Deal With The Real Signs Of AgingWe all know wrinkles are a regular part of aging, but there are some physical changes Mama never warned us about. CBS 11 News asked seven North Texas women to fess us about their aging challenges.
Ditch The Hair Care Products And Make Your Own At HomeWhen trips to the salon ate too much of a paycheck, some women started making their own hair care products at home –– and saved hundreds of dollars in the process.
Money Saving Secrets For At-Home Hair Touch UpsSusan Channell is a master stylist at Peyton Thomas salon in Southlake. She understands that it’s difficult for all her clients to come in on a regular basis. So she’s come up with some advice on how to stretch out the weeks between salon appointments. She called these strategies a 'band-aid approach.'
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