Dead fish float in a lake. (credit: Theo Heimann/AFP/Getty Images)

Higher Water Temperatures Killing North Texas Fish

Humans aren’t the only ones languishing in the North Texas heat. The 30+ days of extreme heat and drought conditions have led to higher water temperatures and lower lake levels and fish are dying.


(credit: CBS 11 Storm Team)

North Texas’ Dangerous Heat Gets Worse

With the heat index pushing to 110-degrees. and above, an Excessive Heat Warning is in effect today through Thursday evening for all of North Texas.


A dog runs in a fountain to cool off during a hot summer day. (credit: Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images)

Abandoned Dog Dies In Hot Fort Worth Apartment

Someone moved out of a Fort Worth apartment and left their dogs behind. The dog that was left outside died; a tragic result that animal control officials say could have been prevented.


A man takes a gulp of water to cool himself down. (credit: Andrey Smirnov/AFP/Getty Images)

Cooling Stations Open Across North Texas

Depending on your circumstance, staying at home in the hot weather might not be a safe option. To give North Texans some cool relief, a number of cooling stations have opened across the meteroplex.


The hot noonday sun shines through power lines. (credit: Gerard Burkhart/AFP/Getty Images)

Triple-Digit Temps Blamed In North Texas Woman’s Death

Triple-digit temperatures in North Texas are being blamed in one woman’s death.


Dirk Nowitzki #41 of the Dallas Mavericks holds up the Larry O'Brien trophy as he celebrates with his teammates and team owner Mark Cuban after the Mavericks won 105-95 against the Miami Heat in Game Six of the 2011 NBA Finals. (credit: Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

Numbers Show Watching Mavs Win It All Good For Your Health

Apparently having the Dallas Mavericks make it to the NBA Finals is not only good for North Texas, but also good for the health of their fans!