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Gene Therapy Could Be ‘Game Changer’ For Hemophiliacs

In what’s being called a landmark study, researchers using gene therapy have successfully treated six patients with severe hemophilia B, a blood-clotting disorder.


C.J. Wilson National Hemophilia Foundation Annual Meeting

The C.J. Wilson Many Don’t See

It’s a cold Thursday night in Chicago. C.J. Wilson is standing at the bank of elevators on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency off Michigan Avenue. None of the people from the large crowd passing by notice they’re walking with an All-Star pitcher who is one month removed from an American League championship, and he is okay with that.


A lab technician performs a blood test. (credit: Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

30 Years Later, Movie Looks At Worst Medical Disaster In U.S. History

It’s been 30 years since the war on HIV/AIDS formally began. The new documentary, “Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale”, focuses on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how a so-called ‘miracle treatment’ became a death sentence for thousands.


Andy Matthews

Dallas Man Living A ‘Normal Life’ With HIV

45-year-old Andy Matthews is the epitome of vibrance and health. He is an avid biker and a businessman, but he is also living with HIV.


Josh Gordy

Packers CB Has Passion Beyond Football

Josh Gordy is thrilled to be here. Not thrilled to be playing in the biggest game in football (although he is) he’s thrilled to be playing pro football period.