Hepatitis C

(credit: CBS 11 News)

FDA Approves New Drug To Treat Hepatitis C

The Federal Drug Administration has approved a new drug to treat hepatitis C.


A close-up look at AeroShot, inhalable caffeine. (credit: AeroShot via Facebook)

Doctor Talks Sitting, Hepatitis C & Inhalable Caffeine

A local doctor chats with CBS 11 News about the dangers of sitting, an increase in Hepatitis C cases and a controversial inhalable caffeine.


A Merck & Co. sign sits in front of a facility. (credit: Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

FDA Says Merck Drug Successfully Fights Hepatitis

Federal health officials said Monday a highly-anticipated drug to treat hepatitis C made by Merck appears to cure more patients in less time than established drugs that have been used for 20 years.


A nurse examines blood samples taken from volunteers that are labelled and ready to be stored. (credit: Getty Images/Christopher Furlong)

New Hope For Hepatitis C Sufferers

Two powerful drugs are nearing the market that promise to help cure many more people of liver-attacking hepatitis C — even though most who have the simmering infection don’t know it yet.