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House Wrongly Demolished After City Auction Purchase

Dallas City Hall has been targeting vacant, boarded up homes. It’s all in effort to clean up south Dallas. Some homes have been demolished, and others sold. But CBS 11 News found one case where the city accidentally did both.


(credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Dallas Demolishing Dozens Of Abandoned Drug Houses

You could think of it as fighting fire with fire. For nearly 20 years cities across the country have taken assets confiscated from criminal activity and used the proceeds to battle or dismantle current illegal activity. Case in point — today’s demolition of nearly 50 abandoned houses in Dallas.


City of Ferris To Demolish Woman's Home

Today on Monday’s show, Ernie spoke with CBS 11’s Arezow Doost on her report about 71-year-old Jackie Kimbrell of Ferris, TX and how the city has plans to demolish her home.