Ice Cream

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Fans Criticize Blue Bell’s Final Returning Flavor

Blue Bell Ice Cream will be back on select store shelves next week, and the company has spent the past few days announcing which flavors would be among the first to reappear.


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Blue Bell Back On North Texas Shelves In September

Mark your calendars for mid-September if you’re one of many eagerly awaiting Blue Bell’s return.


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Blue Bell Announces 3rd Returning Flavor

Blue Bell Ice Cream is coming back to store shelves with the company’s top three fan favorite flavors, as Cookies ‘n Cream was added to the list of returning varieties on Wednesday.


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Blue Bell Adds Chocolate To Returning Flavors

The world now knows two of the flavors — Homemade Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate — that will grace store shelves once again when Blue Bell Ice Cream returns on August 31.


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Blue Bell Returning To Shelves With Vanilla

Blue Bell Ice Cream is coming back to select store shelves on August 31, and the company is starting with its Homemade Vanilla flavor, they announced online on Monday.


Bluebell truck leaving a Bluebell Creameries Facility (Courtesy Bluebell Creameries)

Blue Bell Trucks Back On The Road With Ice Cream

The company tweeted a video of one of their trucks departing from one of their facilities.


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Blue Bell Producing Ice Cream At Alabama Plant

The ice cream may be churning at Blue Bell, but it’s not quite ready to hit store shelves and cool off the heated masses left sweltering in the Texas heat.


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Blue Bell Production Trial Runs Begin

Blue Bell has started ice cream production trial runs in Alabama three months after a listeria scare halted all sales. The company has not said when sales will resume.


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Blue Bell Churning Up Ice Cream Again, But Not For Sale

Blue Bell has begun evaluating its enhanced production processes.


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Blue Bell Says Ice Cream Production Run Tests Have Yet To Begin

Temperatures are rising and many people have been standing by, with bowl and spoon in hand, waiting for Blue Bell Creameries to resume production. Well, the wait is going to go on for a while longer.


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Bass Lending $125 Million To Blue Bell

Blue Bell’s CEO told shareholders that billionaire Sid Bass will lend the company up to $125 million, and that the investment is essential for the company to remain in business.


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Texas Investor Sid Bass Partners With Blue Bell

Blue Bell Creameries announced on Tuesday that Texas business investor Sid Bass has become an investor and partner with the company.