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2012 Shaping Up As Deadly Year For Texas Prisons

With four months still remaining, 2012 is already the deadliest year in more than a decade in Texas prisons. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has reported 10 homicides this year, up from only three in 2011.


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Van Loaded With Inmates Crashes On Interstate

An accident along Interstate-30 in Arlington Tuesday morning involved a van loaded with inmates from the Tarrant County Jail. There were two inmate vans traveling on the highway during morning rush hour, and then traffic backed up near Fielder Road.


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MS Prison Guard Dies, Others Hurt In ‘Disturbance’

A guard at a southwest Mississippi prison died Sunday and several other employees were injured during what the facility’s private operator is calling “an inmate disturbance” that continued into the evening.


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Former Texas Prison Cook Wants Last Meal Continued

A former Texas inmate who cooked the final meals for hundreds of condemned prisoners is offering to start doing it again at no cost to the state now that officials have ended the practice of allowing the special last requests.


A van carrying a guard and seven newly freed inmates crashed in Fort Worth. (credit: KRLD NewsRadio 1080)

Van Carrying Prison Parolees Crashes In Fort Worth

It was a scene that conjures up thoughts of the movie “The Fugitive”. Monday morning a van with a guard and seven inmates onboard crashed on Interstate 30 in far west Fort Worth.


An inmate waits for the bars to a dorm at a minimum-security facility in Texas to be opened. (credit: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

Ex-Convicts Get A Second Chance In South Dallas

Last year, Jesse Prindel was sitting in prison, serving a sentence for cocaine possession. Now, Prindel is working toward a better life.


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Vendors Push For Prison Health Care Privatization

Private companies are lining up to grab a piece of the action of the nearly $1 billion health care system for Texas prison inmates.


An inmate waits for the bars to a dorm at a minimum-security facility in Texas to be opened. (credit: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

Court Limits Inmate Lawsuits Over Religious Rights

The court ruled in a suit filed by Texas prison inmate Harvey Sossamon, who complained that he was denied the chance to participate in Christian worship services.


An inmate works in a prison computer laboratory. (credit: Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images)

Plano Senator: Online Prison Classes Could Save $$

As part of a plan to cuts costs for the state, a North Texas lawmaker is suggesting giving some Texas prison inmates access to the internet.


Sybil's Stuff: Jail Mail

RAGE got another letter from our friend in lock-up. This time, Crazy Matt teaches us prison slang and gives us a recipe for hooch. Slam the link.


FiFi? Prison Condoms?

There is a San Francisco jail welcoming condom dispensers for it’s inmates. And a guy calls in to drop a FiFi knowledge bomb on us?


Jail Lieutenant Fired For Recording Showering Inmates

A veteran Dallas County Sheriff’s Lieutenant is out of a job after an investigation revealed he was filming female inmates in the shower.