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Bankruptcy Judge Approves RadioShack Asset Sale

A Delaware bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of assets of RadioShack to hedge fund Standard General LP that will keep more than 1,700 stores open and preserve more than 7,000 jobs.


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Health Care Educator Positions Are On The Rise In Dallas

As technology advances health care, the need for skilled, well-educated people to teach others is a necessity.


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Dallas Manager Uses Her Master’s Degree To Manage The Business

Delores Elder Jones oversees the day-to-day operations, which includes patient intake, compiling documents in compliance with Medicare rules and regulations.


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Dallas Psychology Doctor Teaches Students To Develop A Growth Mindset

Flowers earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in Developmental (Child) Psychology from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.


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State Jobless Rate Drops For 6th Straight Month

The unemployment rate in Texas slipped to 4.3 percent during February for the sixth straight month of declines. The statewide jobless rate in January was 4.4 percent.


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Dallas Graphic Artist Looks To Higher Education To Make Dreams A Reality

Jeremy Smith who works at a Dallas FedEx Office as a center consultant says, “I love helping people show off their talents in a visual way. Now, I realize that I need a master’s degree to do what I really want to do – teach computer-aided graphic design.”


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Educator In Dallas Believes Education Is A Foundation For Success

Erica Edwards is the lead faculty and program coordinator for journalism and student media at the Dallas County Community College District’s Richland College


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Advanced Education Leads To Career Fulfillment, Says Dallas Probation Officer

In her role as assistant supervisor, Tamica Bedford oversees the transfer unit that monitors probationers that live in other counties.


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A Master’s In Public Health Helps Community Advocate Serve Dallas

By collaborating with hospital staff and community partners, Vidya Ayyr works to identify public health needs and establishes outreach programs to support hospital efforts.


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Dallas CLO Teaches That Education Is The Pipeline To Success

It is the job of Dr. Sushma Aggarwal to make sure that the employees who work at Parkland Health & Hospital System have the skills, resources and learning experiences to build their career and provide the best patient care.


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Former Dallas Judge Says Education Opens Doors Of Opportunity

When a judge retired, then Governor Ann Richards appointed Lena Levario in 1993 to the 204th Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas.


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Professor And Dallas LPC Shows Transformative Power Of Education

Trudi Swedlund, Licensed Professor Counselor and Licensed Marriage, is a professor of English and speech communications at Richland College.