Joplin Missouri

Credit: Stewart McKenzie

Mission Joplin: Volunteers Of Hope

Just over a month after a deadly tornado destroyed much of Joplin, Missouri volunteers from churches across North Texas gathered together to help with cleanup efforts. Here is their story.


A group of Tarrant County church volunteers in Joplin, Missouri. (credit: Stewart McKenzie)

Mission Joplin: Volunteer Experience Leaves Lasting Memories

This week, volunteers from several North Texas churches are in Joplin, Missouri to assist in rebuilding efforts after the May 22 tornado. Monday night they arrived and saw the devastation firsthand.



Mission Joplin: The End And The Beginning

More than 8,000 houses, businesses and structures were either damaged or destroyed during the Joplin, Missouri, tornado on May 22. Nearly six weeks after the storm, the cleanup continues.


Joplin Tornado

North Texans Reach Out For Family In Wake Of Joplin Tornado

It was a sleepless night and nervous day for Dwayne Johnson, a Fort Worth man who left Joplin, Missouri just six months ago, and couldn’t reach the aunt he shared a home with.


Joplin Tornado

Local Hospitals Prepared If Natural Disasters Hit Them

One of the most striking images of destruction in Joplin, Missouri Sunday was the decimation of Saint John’s Regional Medical Center. Four people died when the hospital took a direct hit.