Johnson Co. Residents Clean Up After Storm HitsJohnson County residents clean up Saturday morning after Friday night’s big storm.
Storm Leaves Behind Trail Of Damage Across North TexasA storm that produced several tornado warnings throughout North Texas has left a trail of damage from across several cities.
Storm Blows Over Semi, Rips Off Roof In JoshuaStorm damage on Friday was most severe in Joshua, where EMS officials estimated 40-60 homes were damaged.
Controversy Over Alleged Recording Of School Bus DriverA bus driver in the Joshua Independent School District wasn’t on her normal route Tuesday. The woman has been sidelined while officials investigate video of an alleged conversation she had with a student.
FAA Clears Skydiving Company In Teen's Near Fatal AccidentThe Federal Aviation Administration has cleared the skydiving company in an accident that nearly killed a 16-year-old Joshua resident in January.
Winds Destroy Homes & Cause Injuries In Johnson CountyIt is believed that straight line winds caused serious damage and injuries in Johnson County. Officials in Joshua say a mobile home was destroyed and at least two other homes seriously damaged just west of the city.
Skydiving Accident Survivor Returns To SchoolMakenzie Wethington returned to school in Joshua for the first time on Monday morning after a Oklahoma skydiving mishap in late January left her injured in the hospital.
Skydiving Accident Teen Talks About Fall, Returning To SchoolLess than two months after a terrifying skydiving mishap, a North Texas teenager is walking and ready to go back to school. Makenzie Wethington, 16, was skydiving in Oklahoma on January 25 when her parachute didn’t open correctly.