Junior Seau

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NFL: Modern Day Gladiators

The average NFL player lasts four years. But the injuries they sustain during that career never leave, and often intensify with age. The violent game takes a physical toll on men.


RW - Whitt's End

Whitt’s End: 5.4.12

I boldly predicted the Mavs would come out for Thursday night’s Game 3 with desperation and energy and efficiency and a 10-plus-point win. Wow, was I ever wrong.


Junior Seau

Arnie Spanier:The NFL Needs To Protect It’s Players

Arnie thinks the NFL needs to do something and be more concerned about protecting it’s players.


Junior Seau

Junior Seau Found Dead At California Home

Seau was a standout linebacker with the University of Southern California before going to the San Diego Chargers, whom he led to the Super Bowl following the 1994 season.