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The Birth Of The All-News Radio Station

When television began to grow rapidly in the 1950s, the original radio network model began to erode. As a result, network radio shows were being cancelled by the dozens.


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The Heydays Of Wrestling On TV

This week’s blog was spurred by an appointment today with someone I have not seen in 30 years but that brought back fond memories of an era gone by.


On Air Sign

A Witness To A Radio Acquisition

Friday is the 31st anniversary of what was, at the time, the largest radio station acquisition ever made in the history of American broadcasting. Let me set the stage for you, if you please.


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There’s No Business Like Show Business

Remember the 1954 movie, “There’s No Business Like Show Business?” And the late Ethel Merman singing it? That’s what this week has been for the networks and they all want you to know that “there IS NO business like show business!”


Old TV Ken Foote Radio TV Files

Remembering Ozzie Nelson

Today is the birthday of orchestra leader, TV actor, and TV producer Ozzie Nelson. You may remember his show from the 50’s and 60’s, “The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet.”


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: KTXA At A Glance

In our last blog we gave you a little history about KTVT, now it’s time to talk about our other TV station, KTXA.


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: KTVT At A Glance, Part 1

KTVT has a very long and distinguished history in the DFW area.


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: Meeting Harry Reasoner

When I was attending St. Mark’s School of Texas, they had built a closed circuit TV facility that was located in the old Science Lecture Hall in the Science/Mathematics Quadrangle.


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: How I Fell In Love With AM Radio

On our last blog, I talked a little about AM Radio and how it works. But I would like to share my personal experience with it!


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: The Miracle Of AM Radio

Have you ever stopped to think about AM Radio and why some stations can be picked up a long way from their home base and others cannot? AM radio stands for amplitude modulation. Radio waves […]


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: The Big Network Switch

The 1990’s was a decade of changes in the television industry, one in particular that affected DFW television watchers. But the event that triggered it was somewhat unusual for its day. In the fall of […]


Ken Foote’s Radio/TV Files: William S. Paley

Broadcasting has a rich history in the United States, going back to the 1920’s. Back then, the Congress Cigar Company of Philadelphia made a cigar called the “La Palina”, and their young advertising director was […]