Kim Fischer

New-stradamus Week 4 Picks

It’s that time of the week, New-stradamus makes the celebrity football picks of the week. So let’s get started! It is week 4 and Newy Scruggs is STILL undisputed and undefeated vs the Celebs.


New-stadamus Football Picks for Week 3

Here we go for Week 3.  New-stadamus makes his celebrity picks.  So far..UNDEFEATED. Week 1 vs. Kim Fischer of NBC 5.   Newy 4-3.  Kim 2-5 Week 2 vs. Heather Hays of FOX 4.  Newy 5-2  […]


Newy Scruggs and Kim Fischer's college picks!

Oregan St. vs TCU— both give the win to TCU. UCONN vs. Michigan— both pick UCONN. Notre Dame vs. Purdue— both go for Notre Dame. LSU vs. UNC— Kim picks LSU, Newy picks UNC. SMU […]