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KRLD Viral Video

KRLD Viral Video: 8.29.12

WARNING! Cute baby alert


KRLD Viral Video: 8-28-12

Guns ‘N Roses – polka style


KRLD Viral Video: 8.24.12

Taking your 15 minutes of fame…


KRLD Viral Video: 8.23.12

The latest Call Me Maybe video


A man uses the new iPhone 4S. (credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

KRLD Viral Video: 8.22.12

The latest parody rumor about iPhone 5


KRLD Viral Video: 8.20.12

This guy makes it harder for everyone else, because he goes to the next step when he wants to propose to his girlfriend.


Julia Child's Kitchen Media Preview

KRLD Viral Video: Julia Child Remixed

In celebration of her 100th birthday, Julia Child Remixed by John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, for PBS Digital Studios.


Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

KRLD Viral Video: 8.9.12

This man spent his weekends building a backyard roller coaster out of lumber, PVC, and concrete. It has a twelve foot drop and might make him Dad of the year.


KRLD Viral Video: 8.8.12

Two street performers take it the next step when they’re asking for donations. They’re a human jukebox. They’ll play requests for tips.