North Texas Man Facing Charges For Pointing Laser At DFW PlanesMore than half a dozen commercial airliners and a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter all reported being hit by a laser beam while traveling over Johnson County Tuesday night.
Army Vet Develops Glasses To Combat Laser Beam DangerIt is dangerous, can be physically damaging and the FBI claims statistics show "lasering" is on the rise. Federal investigators report airline pilots are having lasers pointed at them 14 times as much now compared to rates in 2005.
Man Indicted For Aiming Laser Pointer At AircraftA federal grand jury has indicted Steven Alexander Chavez, Jr., 23, on one count of aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft.
Another Green Laser Reported By North Texas PilotAn airborne traffic reporter narrowly missed getting his eye burned by a green laser pointed into the cockpit of a plane flying over North Texas last night.
Texas Man Who Shined Laser On Customs Copter Gets Prison A judge has sentenced a 28-year-old Texas man to 1½ years in prison for pointing a green laser beam at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter.
New Tattoo Removal Procedure Offered In TexasChange your mind about that tattoo you loved when you were younger? Or realized it was a mistake right away? Either way, for years tattoo removals have been possible, but painful and time consuming.
Best Places For Laser Hair Removal In DFWSay goodbye to razors, tweezers and ingrown hairs, and hello to everlasting smooth, silky and clear skin with these top DFW laser hair removal locations.
Man Accused Of Pointing Laser At Copter IndictedA grand jury has indicted a 22-year-old man for pointing a green laser beam at a Dallas police helicopter during an investigation.
Man Allegedly Pointed Laser At Police HelicopterAuthorities in Dallas arrested a man who confessed to pointing a laser at a police helicopter on Monday morning. It happened while police were looking for a suspect in an urelated crime.
Laser Pointed At Airplane Over North TexasIt's happened again. Someone pointed a laser at a plane over North Texas. It happened Tuesday night over Fort Worth.
North Texas Leads Nation In Aircraft Laser StrikesThe Dallas/Fort Worth area leads the nation in reports of laser strikes aimed at pilots and this past weekend there were two more incidents of laser beams being shined into cockpits over the area.
Dallas Skin Tightening Secrets RevealedEver wonder how certain celebrities look youthful well into their fifties? Some women in North Texas say they know the secret, and it doesn't involve going under the knife.