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Southwest Pays Refunds After Computer Glitch

Southwest Airlines says it has begun filing refunds to customers who were accidentally billed multiple times for a single flight, after a half-price online ticket promotion backfired.


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CBS 11 Investigation Leads To New TSA Legislation

One of the most powerful senators in the country is taking action after watching a CBS 11 investigation.


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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Reach Seniority Deal

Southwest Airlines Co. flight attendants are the latest group of workers to agree on how they will integrate their seniority with that of workers at AirTran Airways.



Delays Amid Small Fire At Love Field Control Tower

An electrical problem that overheated a computer is blamed for a small fire at the main Dallas Love Field tower that forced controllers to evacuate to a backup site.


In Case You Missed It… Tuesday, September 7th

Here’s what you missed Tuesday on the Jay Mcfarland show.


Driver Who Breached Love Field Fence Taken to Lew Sterret Overnight

 The fence is still a mangled mess at Dallas Love Field this morning.


Dallas Police Chase Ends on Runway

Dallas police chased a carjacking suspect thru Dallas streets for nearly an hour Thursday afternoon, before before crashing through a locked chain-link fence and onto a runway at Love Field.


Concessions Up For Bid At Love Field's New Terminal

 The divisive battle over Love Field concessions came down to a vote split right along racial lines at Dallas City Hall.


David Johnson CEO Spotlight

Tom Leppert, Mayor (CEO), City of Dallas talks about plans to completely demolish and re-build Love Field Airport by the end of 2014.


Out With the Old at Dallas Love Field

The building contractor responsible for completely overhauling the aging interior and exerior of Dallas Love Field offered an update on their project Thursday. 


Love Field Sorry For Breaking City Watering Rules

Maintence workers at Love Field are being reminded about the city’s strict watering restrictions after an embarassing incident at the airport earlier this week. 


Little Girl Abandoned By Father At Hotel

A little girl is apparently abandoned by her father at the Radisson Hotel near Love Field.